Keep track of what happens on a computer, by what person and at what time:

User Identity

Keeps knowledge of person using Mac or PC at the moment.


Logger works on and


Log all running programs and applications.
Capture screen shots of current screen.
Capture webcam images every 15 minutes.

Data Storage

Data is saved localy and is not distributed.




- One time license fee.

- Application download and serial key provided after successful credit card purchase.

- Unlimited usage.


what you get

- Run application manually or automatically.

- Collect screen shots, web cam images, and system log files every 15 minutes.

- View time stamped log data in the same folder the application is in.



Use MacLogger to protect yourself when you are using your computer. Please see our terms of service .

Some Faqs

Answering Your Questions. Email us at contact@pclogger.io

MacLogger is designed to keep track of user activity. The data can be referenced to clear wrong doings, and also to identify wrong doings. It is used as a way to track the amount of time working on a project or alike.
It takes not more than minutes to install. First, purchase, and then wait until your download is done. Input your serial key and you are set. For your convenience, we provide a video guide here. Install Guide MacInstal Guide Windows
To monitor your own computer activity or the activity of others that may user your computer for work or school related purposes. Refer to the log data as you feel necessary.

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